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The Magnetic Magic Kids Art Display

The Magnetic Magic Kids Art Display

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The Magnetic Magic Kids Art Display

The Kids Art Frame with Magnetic Front Opening is designed to showcase and celebrate children's creativity by providing an easy and changeable display for their artwork, 3D drawings, paintings, and schoolwork.


 The MDF frames with tempered acrylic, offering a crystal-clear view of your cherished artwork. The durable elastic straps securely hold your creations in place, while the frames effortlessly open and close using a small magnet.

High Capacity

Our frames can hold up to 150 sheets of A4 paper at a time, which is three times the capacity of ordinary frames. The storage effect is more effective, cost-effective.

Double Fixation

The metal hanger has a strong weight-bearing effect and the transparent adhesive keeps the frame stable, this unique design gives more peace of mind for use.


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